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Welcome to the BrokeAss Games homepage and headquarters on the Internet.

Our focus is on indie game development and we specialize in many related aspects of the industry.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Site Under Construction.

BrokeAss News for

Jun 4, 2011 - Microsoft Kinect mocap into Torque3D via Ecstasy Motion
This is some early footage testing out a realtime depth datastream from the Microsoft Kinect controller into EcstasyMotion, a physics/animation app developed in the Torque3D engine.


Apr 15, 2011 - Advanced Character Kit port to Torque3D
The ACKT3D official port has been uploaded to your Products page at!


Aug 26, 2010 - Spawning 1000 unique NPCs from the database using MPK (Multiplayer Persistence Kit). Just a tech vid, or does this mean BAG is getting back towards MMO development?


Aug 6, 2010 - SIGGRAPH 2010 - EcstasyMotion (mocap as game controller)
Demonstrating mocap device as game controller. We're using our app EcstasyMotion to stream mocap data from an Optitrack mocap system into Torque3D. Zombies and player are Daz3D Game Ready Content. Available for purchase here:


More News Here...

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Garage Games Blogs
Demonstration of working touchscreen interface for Torque3D. New gaming and developer experiance :) Tested on tablet computer
Happy Halloween Garage Games and game Indies! I hope you have the best and safest Halloween season yet. Thanks for all the good times. I hope to post again soon about our huge plans where we have decided to go from this point forward... I can't wait to share it!
Forester Pro is a tree creator for T3D that produces randomized models of a wide range of plant types that seamlessly import into the world editor. We've just released our 20th template pack Desert Plant Pack 1
No, I haven't lost mine....not yet. I happened to come across a Reddit post where one of my former students from eight years ago talks about me sharing a Marble Blast optimization paper I wrote for NVIDIA.
Medusa Pro is a rock model generator for Torque3D that creates randomised rock models complete with LODs which import seamlessly into the world editor. We've just released our fifth pack of templates to generate new rock types.
Long Strange Trip is a series of blogs that documents the wondrous journey of Plastic Games as we learned the hard way how not to make video games.
I've been umming and ahhing about what I'd like to make for 7DFPS this year. I've finally realised the answer was staring me in the face: a new FPS template for T3D!
Airship Dragoon has been updated to version 1.5.2. Anyone spot the not so cunning GG reference? There's a fair few changes but here are the main ones.
I was testing the playable demo of my game The Master's Eye when I got stuck in a door. :( I did not liked that, so I decided to make a new Door class for T3D.
New content packs could be coming to GG and a new project for Halloween for those who are interested. I'm looking for people to partner with to bring out the demons for this Halloween 2014!
So it may seem like I've been quiet for about a month, but in actuality, I've been quite busy. Let's get updated on things.
Just keeping busy here slowly cranking out Templates for OMNI Engine, Just finished up a Dedicated Template. Enjoy!
It's coming! My final Background Kit, Volume 6 is coming this Sunday, opening up to EA orders and then the main release hopefully before Xmas, 2014! Details inside. This will be my final content piece to game designs, so I hope you enjoy it!
If you're hoping for a Walkabout update, you'll unfortunately be disappointed on that front. But you might be happy for other reasons...
One of our environmental artist has released a pack that he has called the Mountain Vegetation Pack.
Many people are working on torque3d products/games. I'm hoping I could help out a few who need to have a home for their stuff
I had gotten an email requesting some of Ron Kapaun's old assets. After a quick email to him, I was given the "go ahead" to put the assets back up on the server to download - for free.
Folks, this blog is about whats in the new Omni Engine V1. If your looking for a way to use C# inside of T3D, you might want to check this blog out.
Torque is awesome, and it deserves a facelift. Just in time for the new 3.6.1 release I have been preparing a GUI template for T3D. I've had some simple updated GUI improvements on my hard drive for some time that I recently dusted off. I am in the process of getting it finalized to share with the community.
It's been a long six months and a rough road, but the Steering Committee is very happy to announce that version 3.6.1 of Torque 3D is finally ready!