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Welcome to the BrokeAss Games homepage and headquarters on the Internet.

Our focus is on indie game development and we specialize in many related aspects of the industry.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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BrokeAss News for

Jun 4, 2011 - Microsoft Kinect mocap into Torque3D via Ecstasy Motion
This is some early footage testing out a realtime depth datastream from the Microsoft Kinect controller into EcstasyMotion, a physics/animation app developed in the Torque3D engine.


Apr 15, 2011 - Advanced Character Kit port to Torque3D
The ACKT3D official port has been uploaded to your Products page at!


Aug 26, 2010 - Spawning 1000 unique NPCs from the database using MPK (Multiplayer Persistence Kit). Just a tech vid, or does this mean BAG is getting back towards MMO development?


Aug 6, 2010 - SIGGRAPH 2010 - EcstasyMotion (mocap as game controller)
Demonstrating mocap device as game controller. We're using our app EcstasyMotion to stream mocap data from an Optitrack mocap system into Torque3D. Zombies and player are Daz3D Game Ready Content. Available for purchase here:


More News Here...

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Garage Games Blogs
OK, have been hunkered down turning "finished" into finished. And besides that production overhead, I'm really having to work at how to talk about the project. It's always been easier for me to make things--promotion is really important, but it is also a whole different thing, so writing articles is becoming a thing, too. Already it's been since August since I posted here... wow have I been a clam lately.
A curated list of Torque3D and related Torque Game Engine (TGA & TGEA) of games, products, scripts and resources.
Crit & Splash is a MOBA shooter with gameplay like DOTA. Features: Headshot increases the damage. Homing bullets. Shoot down enemy bullets. Neutral monsters with advanced intelligence. Rune random abilities.
I had chosen to participate in Ludum Dare 36 which took place last weekend (Aug.26th-Aug 29th). Everything was going swimmingly until the last half-hour, where my main character wouldn't even move!! Here are a few tips and tricks for Torque2D.
Out of nowhere comes a few Editors and an updated Starter Project. Ludum Dare 36, a great occasion to boost Torque2D! Inquire inside...
I'm working up a new gallery, so I thought I would share a couple of the latest screenshots from World of Antra, with another generation of textures after hammering them out on the forge of art.
And with this, Torque 3D 3.9 is released! Inside I cover who helped with this huge update, and what the plans for 4.0 are. Exciting stuff!
The release candidate for T3D 3.9 is now live! Be sure to grab it and give it a test and help us refine everything down to make for a perfect release.
The development of 4 games of different genres examines during a book. Since the central theme of the book is a cross-platform engine Torque 2D.
A new DeadlyMatter trailer is out and we're getting ready for the upcoming indiegogo campaign. DM is an action-adventure game in dev and currently powered by T3D.
Well, I feel good this morning, in some whooping Jerry Lee Lewis great balls of fire way. Unusual state for me, and won't last liable another five minutes, but it looks like a Great Bug has been put to rest, at last.
The Last of the Master Modules provides the basis for Scene-based User Interfaces; A few helper functions here and there and a structure to keep things neat. As I really like you guys, I'll even throw in a bit of preachy banter at the end for free. You're welcome!
The ControlObject concept is ripped straight off of Torque3D. With the added flexibility of Torque2D, however, this will allow us to pull off a few tricks which add to T2D's "cool" factor.
A blog post a day keeps the doctor away! This time we tackle the InputMatrix module. While this module is meant to work hand-in-hand with the next one (The Control Object Module), it can also be used to handle player input in your T2D project.
Downloading T2D is easy. Compiling T2D is easy. Playing around with the Sandbox examples is easy. The step after that can be confusing, though. Let's remove that confusion with a bare-bones Starter Project!
Got a hard drive full of unfinished prototypes and abandoned Proof-of-concept projects? So do !. Since we have just scientifically proven that we are one and the same, how about we address the Momentum issue which plagues many T2D hopefuls?
Small update with info about the pending lock-in for 3.9, and what can be expected in the next version of Torque3D, v4.0!
This latest release brings two new features to the table: positional audio built by the incredible Simon Love and the new TextSprite built by myself. We also continued our crusade against bugs some of which were reported two years ago. Rest assured, they will find no safety in T2D.
I am a beginner for game development. I tried so hard to learn but my game is still raw now. So, I try to setup a campaign, see whether I can get some support from it. Please give it some support if you are happy, or help to spread out also be a great help too!
Torque2D's audio implementation has always been lacking. Hopefully, this new upgrade will be a major step towards a decent audio system.