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Welcome to the BrokeAss Games homepage and headquarters on the Internet.

Our focus is on indie game development and we specialize in many related aspects of the industry.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Site Under Construction.

BrokeAss News for

Jun 4, 2011 - Microsoft Kinect mocap into Torque3D via Ecstasy Motion
This is some early footage testing out a realtime depth datastream from the Microsoft Kinect controller into EcstasyMotion, a physics/animation app developed in the Torque3D engine.


Apr 15, 2011 - Advanced Character Kit port to Torque3D
The ACKT3D official port has been uploaded to your Products page at!


Aug 26, 2010 - Spawning 1000 unique NPCs from the database using MPK (Multiplayer Persistence Kit). Just a tech vid, or does this mean BAG is getting back towards MMO development?


Aug 6, 2010 - SIGGRAPH 2010 - EcstasyMotion (mocap as game controller)
Demonstrating mocap device as game controller. We're using our app EcstasyMotion to stream mocap data from an Optitrack mocap system into Torque3D. Zombies and player are Daz3D Game Ready Content. Available for purchase here:


More News Here...

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Garage Games Blogs
Just a heads up for those of you following games made with the torque game engine(s). I had nothing to do with the making of this game (DEAD STATE) but it was made using an version of the Torque 3D game engine.
I'm sharing a couple useful scripts that cleanup the errors generated by the default art assets. While its not the perfect solution, I've found no adverse affects from this. Plus it reduces the warning clutter or spam generated when using these assets and likely many others you may find free on google. These scripts require a Linux OS or (for majority of users) the installation of the free tool: cygwin
2D GUI HUD Creator is a WYSIWYG tool for Indie Game and Application Developers with little or no experience in interface artwork. It comes packed with a growing library of prefabs that you can add to the workspace, customize and export them to use in your games and applications. Royalty free!
Yet another unfinished project pushing Torque2D into unfamiliar places. T2D tips? Check! Isometric goodness? Check! 3 Screenshots for the price of one? Check! Vain attempt at filling out the preview text box? Read on to find out....
I'd like to suggest that some of the major contributors to keeping Torque 3D and 2D chugging along and become better tools for game development to create Patreon pages to encourage their continued effort and maintenance of their contributions.
That's right. Nope, I'm not kidding. Yes, you can download T3D 3.7 right now! Yes, the next version is 3.8!
We're finally going to Steam Greenlight and could use your help! A quick Yes vote would be greatly appreciated!
Uebergame is a free open source multi-purpose multiplayer game. I decided to move to Steam to open up for a bigger audience.
The second version of my game is done, took me longer than expected, but you may know Torque has its issues.
Cascadia Games reboot of the Apogee classic is now on Steam Greenlight. TGB lives on with this reboot of the classic MSDOS kart racing game.
Hi all I have some Questions about Torque3D I have been around for a wile but some stuff I have been working on just came up, and I want to know if Torque3D can handle it,
All long journeys eventually come to their much happy endings, and this is where my road ends. But before I cross that line, I've got some stuff to talk about, so let's talk about... stuff...
2D GUI HUD Creator is a WYSIWYG tool for Indie Game and Application Developers with little or no experience in interface artwork.
Decided it was time to post an update about work on WOA. Went into alpha in late November, with formal weekly builds and test sessions running on an array of machines I had set up at my office.
The latest and greatest videos and images straight out of the Alterverse! Don't be shy about feedback!
Forester Pro is a tree and plant creator that produced randomized models complete with collision meshes and LODs for T3D. We've just released version 1.29 featuring new texture options. As ever upgrades are free.
Happy eastern to all Now, Homo Sapiens, survival adventure game is ready to get the first test players. read more ... ...
Yes folks, the moment you've all been waiting for is fast approaching. But as much as we'd love to just drop 3.7 and gallop onwards towards 3.8, we discovered in 3.6 that this might not be a great policy.
Hello everyone. It is just a while ago, since my last blog. Here coming the news. This is a 100 character filler.This is a 100 character filler.This is a 100 character filler.
Uebergame is a free open source game and the development will support Torque3D. People always demanded a community based game with Torque3D, so this is my attempt to find a funding method for such a project.