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Welcome to the BrokeAss Games homepage and headquarters on the Internet.

Our focus is on indie game development and we specialize in many related aspects of the industry.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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BrokeAss News for

Jun 4, 2011 - Microsoft Kinect mocap into Torque3D via Ecstasy Motion
This is some early footage testing out a realtime depth datastream from the Microsoft Kinect controller into EcstasyMotion, a physics/animation app developed in the Torque3D engine.


Apr 15, 2011 - Advanced Character Kit port to Torque3D
The ACKT3D official port has been uploaded to your Products page at!


Aug 26, 2010 - Spawning 1000 unique NPCs from the database using MPK (Multiplayer Persistence Kit). Just a tech vid, or does this mean BAG is getting back towards MMO development?


Aug 6, 2010 - SIGGRAPH 2010 - EcstasyMotion (mocap as game controller)
Demonstrating mocap device as game controller. We're using our app EcstasyMotion to stream mocap data from an Optitrack mocap system into Torque3D. Zombies and player are Daz3D Game Ready Content. Available for purchase here:


More News Here...

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Garage Games Blogs
The T3D Awesomium Integration Pack, which lets you embed HTML/Flash in your games; can now be purchased for $19 until the end of July 2014.
We've just released Cliff Rock Pack 1 for Medusa Pro the rock model generator for T3D. Medusa Pro produces randomized models of boulders, cliffs, outcrops and even caves that import seamlessly into the world editor.
More T2D goodness, score scrollers, liquid fun and a new way to create game objects. The beginnings of an OpenGL 4.4 implementation, an options screen and maybe even a studio tour!
A blog post catching up with all my numerous projects during the summer. Terrain texture blending, Taml, Ribbons, Wiki and SSGI.
Hey all thought I'd give a preview of what the Omni T3D engine is capable of. I've included a video of 300 ai beating on each other for your amusement!
My work in progress game, named MorphShift Wars It's a sci-fi dogfighting game, you can fly, dive in water and build your own aircraft.
Hi everyone, here is the fresh and super new version. The last 2 days i just bug fixed a lot and had to find out some realy strange bugs. One of this toke me 18 h work to find out and get a fix..
Forester Pro is the tree creator for Torque 3D that generated random trees from templates. We've just released our 18th tree template pack for Forester Pro, Prehistoric Tree Pack 1.
It has been a while since my last blog post but this in no way means that I have been idle, the change log for release v1.0.0.7 speaks for itself. But don't believe me, read the full changelog and judge for yourself.
Come have a look at our particle effects, post processing improvements and a large battle scenario featuring a bunch of AI.
A much-requested feature FINALLY makes it into T2D, facilitating the use and abuse of CompositeSprites. Read on for details and links.
Most games made with GameMaker have a nice splashscreen displaying before the actual game launches. Taking a page from T3D, turns out now we can too...on Windows.
In this blog I'm showing off my Taml in T3D build that I just got working! It's a big improvement to UI scripting and lots of other stuff.
A run down of the current formats available for use with our tangent based normal maps. Also a test with the currently unsupported 3Dc/BC5 format.
MyRPG's CrowdFunding started today! MyRPG is a role playing game editor based on T3D and AFX. Help us to finish MyRPG ! Visit our IndieGogo page !
nternet service is down at home this morning, and while casting about for something to do besides work on the game, I thought I'd post an update here. Finally got the sunsets working, repeatably and reliably, this weekend, so I even have a picture to share.
This resource is a very useful addition for highlighting objects using a PostFX shader. When turned on, the screen will change to black and white, except for designated objects which will appear as bright red. This could be used for night vision, thermal vision, highlighting objectives or special items in a game, highlighting ammunition or health pickups, etc. More Images can be seen here:
Forester Pro is a tree creator for Torque3D which generates randomized tree models, complete with LODs and collision meshes, that import seamlessly into the world editor. We've just released version 1.27 of Forester Pro to add new options to generate user defined collision meshes and bounds boxes.
Medusa Pro is a 3D rock model generator for T3D that generates randomized models that import seamlessly into the world editor, including crags, boulders, arches and small caves. We've just released two new rock templates for free.